Body Cooling

Keeping your body cool has many scenarios and applications where staying cool is a challenge. There are also many solutions out there where you can try to keep your body cool. Chill Skinz has produced an amazing towel that can keep your body cool. However, there are so many parts of the body where you can apply a body cooling device and thus reduce your core temperature. The Chill Skinz towel will enable you to place around your neck, head, on your face, and on your shoulder. You can keep the body cooler if you use it around your neck, more than anywhere else. The body has the large blood vessels around the neck area. Below is our simple catalog, where you can choose the size and color towel to keep your body cool.

Apply Chill Skinz Towel To Your Many Parts Of Your Body

You can certainly use this towel in more places than around your neck. You can lay our large cooling towel on your thoracic area, legs, entire head, arms. We are making a chill towel that will be the size of a beach towel, so you could wrap yourself in it completely. This is more than just a neck of gym towel. The applications for how, when and where you use this tool to cool your body are endless. Purchase two or three for now if you decide you want to have multiple towels on your body to keep cool.