Cool Towel

Chill Skinz has developed a cool towel that works as a evaporative cooler which performs by cooling air through evaporation of water. Evaporation cooling is very different than an air condition or air condition systems, which use vapor compression to cool. The process of evaporation to keep cool is scientifically known as enthalpy of vaporization or heat evaporation. This is known as a source of energy required to transform water into a gas. This gas is known better as water vapor. By evaporating water, Chill Skinz towel, can cool the air surrounding the water vapor. This is also a green way to keep yourself cooling instead of using your air condition system, which requires much more energy to work. This also creates a mobile way to stay cool inside or outdoors. You can see how the Chill Skinz cool towel will certainly improve the quality of life for your on a hot spring or summer day.

Keep A Cool Towel With You On Hot Spring & Summer Days

Keeping cool during a hot, humid, dry summer day is critical to your standard of life. Instead of running back and forth to a faucet to get cold water and putting it on your neck or head is over! Our cool towel, soaks up a vast amount of water and quickly evaporates to chill the surrounding air around your head, face, back, and neck. No matter what you are doing during these random or even consistent hot days, you can use the Chill Skinz to keep your body cool. You'll notice quickly how normal activities you rush through or relaxing that was once short in the hot environment is now more pleasant and enjoyable. Best of all the cool towel developed by Chill Skinz is relatively inexpensive and low maintenance. Try one today and experience evaporative technology today.